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Summer Activities

This week we explored ways to enrich our children's summer experiences. Explore different museums that are free on Fridays throughout Boston HERE. 


This week we discussed different ways of using technology as a tool for our children's learning. Explore apps and parent reviews on those apps at common sense media. 


This week we explored how everyday tasks with our children may involve math and how to encourage them to learn more! Read more about how you can support your child's math readiness at home! 

Career Exploration

This week we explored career pathways and set long and short term career goals. We visited our local Career Source to learn about the resources they offer. Here is the link to the Career Source website where you can find information about job fairs and job trainings.

Financial Literacy

Mindfulness and Relaxation

This week we talked about mindfulness and relaxation during the summer months. We did some chair yoga in class. Here is a link to a Youtube video with chair yoga directions.

nprED- How Learning Happens

You Probably Believe Some Learning Myths: Take Our Quiz To Find Out​ by Anya Kamenetz

Colorín Colorado

For Families

Here you will find resources for families with bilingual children.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Parent Information

Here you will find information for parents to learn about different health topics. 

Reading Rockets 

For Parents

Here you will find resources to engage your children in reading.

Book of the Week

"Silly Sally": Week of March 16th

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