The Intergenerational Literacy Program (ILP) was begun in 1989 in Chelsea, MA by Dr. Jeanne R. Paratore, Professor of Education at Boston University. The program was developed to achieve three goals:

1. Improve the English literacy of parents.
2. Support the literacy development and academic success of their children.
3. Conduct research on the effectiveness of an intergenerational approach to literacy.

Longitudinal studies of ILP children demonstrated continued high academic achievement. Children who were studied 10 years after their parents participated in ILP showed higher attendance rates, higher promotion rates, and higher high school graduation rates that their non-ILP peers.

Since 1989, the ILP has offered literacy instruction to parents and their children, but the program has expanded in recent years. In 2009, the ILP expanded to offer an ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) level 1 class and a Spanish language high school equivalency preparation course. In 2012, the program also added adult basic education in Spanish, ESOL levels 2 and 3, and additional Spanish high school equivalency and courses. In 2015, the ILP expanded further to include high school equivalency classes in English and Spanish and ESOL instruction to meet the needs of out-of-school youth, most of whom have recently arrived in the U.S.


What brings us to the ILP? 


Education and Career Advisor, ESOL Family Literacy Instructor

Teaching is my 'calling'; it is what I was meant to do.


ABE Instructor

When I was given the opportunity to teach at the ILP I could not pass it up because I am an ILP kid and my mother was an ILP learner! My learners' perseverance and enthusiasm for learning, even after long work days and family commitments, is truly contagious. Their success is my success. I am so grateful for each and every one of my learners and the lessons that they have taught me. They have truly made my experience as an ILP teacher that much more meaningful.


Sr. Children's Instructor

I came to the ILP as a Chelsea resident looking to use my skills to support families and children in developing life long learning.  


HSE Instructor


HSE Instructor

The desire to help others to fulfill their dreams to become better parents, partners and citizens.  ILP is the key  to open doors  right now and I am blessed to lead many  in that path of success.


Family Literacy Instructor,

ESOL Instructor

I was drawn to the ILP because of my lifelong love of language and my desire to make a positive impact in my community.


I'm so honored to be able to share English and real-life and family literacy to the amazing community that fostered mine. I see my mom, who was an English learner at the ILP for many years, in everyone I come in contact with. I'm can and am teaching at the ILP because I was taught here too


Sr. Children's Instructor

ILP is amazing and free program to help learners growing and get better opportunities for our community and changes life. 


Principal Clerk

I feel like we make a difference in

our Learners' lives.  


HiSet Instructor

I came to the ILP because as an educator, I want to help the community succeed.


Technology Manager, 

Distance Learning Instructor,

ESOL Family Literacy Instructor

It is my goal to help empower Learners and their families so they can set and reach whatever goals they envision. 



The ILP is a program that supports minorities and applies diversity and inclusion. The ILP: we are a family.


ESOL Instructor

My Hyundai Elantra brings me to the ILP. 


HSE Instructor

I work at ILP, because I feel a great passion for teaching. I am motivated to see the immense transforming capacity of education in the students' lives and to be able to be part of that change in their lives for the achievement of their goals.


Education and Career Advisor,

ESOL Instructor

A love for language learning brings me to the ILP.


Adult ESOL instructor

Being at the ILP is like a long dinner table with everyone passing around their welcome and support like servings. You won't ever miss a mountain heap of love on your plate. The ILP has the most genuine of intentions for people to be the best versions of themselves, and is filled with the most humble staff and learners. They say once you're in the ILP you can never leave, but the truth is there is no reason you would ever want to leave the table. 


ESOL Instructor

The ILP is 100% dedicated to the success of its participants, and I want to be a part of that effort by offering whatever I can. The learners and instructors at the ILP are truly wonderful people, and I'm happy I can work with them.


ESOL Instructor

I love working at the ILP because I have met so many hard working families who remind me of my family. It is inspiring to see the commitment that our community has to improve their lives. It is an honor to be part of their journey!



I fell into teaching, fell into literacy, fell into adult education, and fell into family literacy. I came here a lifetime ago, expecting to stay at the ILP for a year. This program is my passion and my other family.


Jr. Children's Instructor

Barbara, she is my inspiration. ILP is one of the ways to help the community which needs our help more than ever.


Career and Education Advisor



Floating Instructor

My family and I immigrated to the US when I was young and we have had the opportunity to achieve what every learner at the ILP is here for, the American dream. Programs like the ILP helped prepare, teach, and integrate my family to the United States and helped set up both my parents and I for success. It is my personal goal to help as many other people as I can as well. The ILP is the perfect place to do that.




99 Hawthorn Street, Chelsea, MA 02150, USA


(617) 466-5154